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Russ Foxx - The FALL Tattooing - Vancouver, BC Piercing

Body Modification Artist.

Russ Foxx
9 March
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I am an artist of multiple areas of body art, modification and ritual experience. My practices include body piercing (freehand & conventional), adult piercing, surface piercing (punch & taper), pocketing (microdermal anchors & flesh staples), large gauge punches, scarification, body suspensions and pulls, subdermal implants, splits, ear sculpting (pointing, lobe mods), etc. I also have a love for custom-designed industrials and ear projects.

I have been working in the industry since 2000 and completed a training seminar with the Association of Professional Piercers (www.safepiercing.org) in 2003. I owned and operated my own studio in Alliston, Ontario for about 5 years before moving to the beautiful province of British Columbia! You may even bump into me in the halls at school, as I am currently working toward a degree in medicine.

Suspension plays a major role in my life and also who I am today. I have personally experienced over 30 suspensions of different types with varying amounts and sizes of hooks; including vertical, horizontal and modified suspensions. I frequently host public and private "SusCons" (Body Suspension conventions and seminars) indoors and outdoors in the lower mainland. Some of my hobbies include sideshow and performance art, so keep watch for future events at The Fall!

I am also a staff member at www.askbme.com where I answer body art-related questions for the public. This can be found here: http://www.askbme.com/

I am an initiate board member of the Church Of Body Modification (http://uscobm.com/)

I write for Abort Magazine where I write for a column called "The Cutting Edge" (http://www.abortmag.com/)

Come request me at The Fall Tattooing at 644 Seymour 7 days a week!

Russ Foxx

Professional Body Artist

The Fall Tattooing





I moderate the Body Suspension Community on LJ

-Russ Foxx,

Link to my personal website:

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